Monday, July 14, 2008

More busy times.

We have the PG Show on July 25, 26, 27 then I will have to process like crazy to get as many orders done as I can before we head to the island on Thursday night. We have the two shows there, Campbell river and Courtney. Six days of shooting back to back. Should be fun.
If we do good at these two we might have a shot at doing Victoria next year.

The studio is coming along. We will be gyprocking it this week.

Cheers for now.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy times coming up.

We are off to Wembly (Grande Prairie) at the end of this month. June 27,28, & 29th. We will be travelling back to PG on the 30th and have to pack back up and go to Fort St James on July 1St to fire off the Canada Day fireworks Show. They like Cheryl and I up there so we have to be there evry July 1st.

PG show is at the end of July - 25,26, 27th. Wine and cheese is at our trailer, probably on the friday night. It should be a good time to meet and visit.

Then on July 31, Thursday night we leave for the South. We have to be on the 2:00 ferry on the 1st to be at the Campbell river show on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and then to Courtenay on the 5th, 6th 7th. So that is two of the three island circuit shows. We hope to have a shot at the Victoria show in 2009.

GOOD NEWS ! We are building a studio in PG.

I`ve started a blog on it -

This is what it looks like right now. The backyard looks like a war zone. After we get it all done then we can landscape the yard in front of it. We should be up and running by end of August. We have to get the shows done first then we can get to finishing the studio. The Carpentry class at the college is doing the work so they will have the building done by July. Then we can get in and start setting up the studio part.
Check it out. We are going to go after Pets (of course) and baby photos to start with. There has to be something in the Both catagory. I think everyone wants photos of their baby and pets together. Hopefully it will work out.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Photos-Now Customer Satisfaction Statement

We have had two comments lately from Show Secretaries about two customers with print problems.
I'm posting here to restate Photos-Now Customer Satisfaction policy.

You must be happy with our prints. It’s as simple as that.

If a print is lost in the mail or damaged in transit we will replace it no charge and no questions asked.
We use regular mail for shipping in order to keep costs down. So far in three years we have lost less than 10 photos and have only had 3 or 4 damaged.
We print the photos for best exposure of the dog and it’s coat. We want to show the detail in the white dogs and black dogs coats so print accordingly.
If a customer is not happy with that we will call them to determine the problem and correct it.

Those customers did not come to us. They chose to talk to the show secretaries.

I corrected the problem with one of them and the other will be corrected this weekend.
If one of our customers comes to you and says they are not happy with their print please direct them to us. I cannot fix the problem if the customer doesn’t contact us or if I don’t hear about it. So please contact me either by email –
or by phone – 250-563-4466. We will do everything we can do to correct the problem.

You all know that we are building the dog show photography business on customer service and quality.
I am the first person to admit that we are not perfect. We make mistakes so to keep our customers happy we offer a satisfaction guarantee.
We have only had to refund money to one customer because she was not happy with the photos. That’s the last resort but if I cannot make the print be what the customer wants then I will refund the money.

If anyone has any questions please contact me.

So on to better things –

We picked up the Burns Lake show for 2008 and are really close on one or two more.

We added a third viewing station this year and as soon as I can find another computer with XP on it I will add the fourth viewing station.
As soon as I can get them we are purchasing two new state of the art cameras. There is a huge waiting list and I am in about the middle of it. We will have the new cameras for CKOC in March.
The Nikon D300 has the best low light sensitivity I have seen in a digital camera. It has a new focusing engine – 52 points to focus from instead of 2 with our current cameras.
Our win photos and candids should be even better with the new cameras.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Off to Grande Prairie

We are off to Grande Prairie next weekend. It's snowing right now so it might be a slow trip. But the whole Grande Prairie experience is worth it. The organizers and club people are top notch. We are SOOO Happy to be their photographers.
Our show special for Grande Prairie and Calgary is Candids and Headshots are $ 20.00 or 3 for $50.00.

I bought a new flash gun. I'm going to set it up as a hairlight to see if we can get better quality photos. I am always looking for new ideas to make us better. We want to make the best quality photos in the whole dog show world. We feel that our customers deserve the best.

If anyone has any ideas how we can improve let us know, either on the blog or at a show or email me or carrier pigeon or message in a bottle or however.

See you in GP!

Monday, October 01, 2007

It's been awhile

What a summer. Had a bunch of stuff to do around the house.
The Prince George Show was very exciting. We camped right beside our tent.
Sales ended up the same as other shows but with less at the show and more after the show from the web and emails. Candid shots are picking up in sales with every show. We are promoting the candids and ringshots at the shows in Grande Prairie and Calgary.
Candids and ringshots will be $ 20.00 or 3 for $ 50.00.

I am saving to replace both of our cameras this year. They both have a lot of shots on them. I want to upgrade our quality levels as well so we will be jumping up a couple of steps on quality.

We are looking forward to the end of this season and the coming year. We are still looking for new shows. I've sent some emails out and will be sending more shortly.

If anyone knows of a club looking for a photographer please contact us with emails or phone #s. There's some free photos as finders fees for any contact that ends up as a gig for us.

So - Grande Prairie is next on Nov 10, & 11th.
Then Calgary first weekend in December.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It snowed in Taylor!

We had some snow in Taylor and it was a bit cold but the weekend was great.

We took lots of candids and had lots of people looking.
The candids and some of the individual shots are up on the web.
I took some portraits on the hill outside the arena. Look in the Whippet and the Goldens files under the Fort St John folder. Let me know what you think of them. I'll post a couple later.

Tanya is processing the photos today and I will process a bunch tonight.

More on the show later.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Next show is Taylor BC

We are getting ready for the Taylor Show, May 19,20,21. This is the first time shooting this show. We are all pretty excited. I am taking the trailer. I've been cleaning it up and packing it for the show. We are camping on the grounds. I want to get to know the exhibitors better. We like the social aspect of the shows and are getting to know some of the people better.

I am going to rebuild the posing stands they are pretty plain and neutral. I want them to look a bit better.

Not a lot of sales of candids yet but we are getting consistent hits on the website so people are looking. I hope to upgrade my cameras for better low light photos so we can present a better candid. They will also help with the win photos. I'm promoting this company as high quality. So far we consistently have put out a good product. The better cameras will give us a better file to work with and the prints will get better. It's been hard perfecting the various workflows that we use. We have the post show processing going pretty smooth right now. I can get more than 90% of the photos out in less than a week. I want to have the whole show done in less than a week so that's what we are shooting for. I've been teaching Tanya to do the post processing in Photoshop. She is picking it at a great rate. In the future I will have two computers set up to do processing so we eventually will be able to have everything out in a couple of days.

I'm going to try and post more here. I don't know who is looking but I want this whole website thing to become a resource we can offer our customers. I think we can go a long way by promoting our experience and quality and speed.